Friday, December 11, 2009

Just adore an Affair to Remember

Was up far too late last night, finishing up a few last minute custom requests, when I did a bit of channel surfing in hopes of finding a nice, mindless distraction to lull me to wrap things up and go to bed. Not so lucky, in that I came across a beloved movie classic, An Affair to Remember. You know whatLink happened of course, I sat through the entire thing, captivated for the millionth time, (was there ever a man who could wear a suit sharper than Cary Grant?) crying and feeling completely nostalgic all the while... don't you just adore that movie? Oh, and the dresses... Deborah Kerr was absolutely stunning in every ensemble, ever scene, really. I can only imagine how beautiful some of my collection pieces would have been, paired with such a striking actress and her wardrobe for that picture.

Such is the season for late nights (usually gift wrapping or last minute card-writing) and wonderful holiday classics like this one.

Necklace from t
he Laura Gibson Quails Collection.

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