Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I love how these designers use the fall colors...

My husband and I went with our two girls to Nova Scotia a few weeks ago (I think I mentioned earlier we have a little place there) for Canadian Thanksgiving and the fall colors were so gorgeous and vivid. It reminded me that the site outside my window there four years ago had inspired my Autumn Collection – rich greens, saffron yellows, carnelian oranges, ruby reds and deep, chocolate browns, mimicking the heady fall colors in the leaves. We only had a chance to stay few days, but we had such a great time building fires every day and all day... So funny to have that experience and then come back to the crazy Tucson heat!

And now, as fall winds down and we move into winter (well, we're supposed to be in winter by now), I think of all of the organic earth tones that I like to wear at this time of year and started to go hunting for some choice designers out there thinking the way I do; I can just see all of my Earthly Collection pieces on any one of these stunning creations - Diana Von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Eileen Fisher, even the hip design house Rebecca Minkoff is doing all their fall lines in the rich colors I've loved for years.

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