Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tickled Pink... Our Valentine's Day Giveaway and Promotion

Who doesn't love winning something? Who in all the world doesn't think, even if you only admit it to yourself, that receiving something special from anyone on Valentine's Day, even if it's you treating yourself, is pretty fantastic? We thought so too, so Laura Gibson has decided, for a limited time only, to give away one pair of our sweet and feminine rose pink and smoky quartz earrings! These lovely darlings are accented with fresh water pearls and are enhanced and hung from the finest sterling silver.. who wouldn't be tickled pink, red or purple to win these earrings?

OK, so here's the teensy little catch; we want you to share with us you most interesting, romantic, tender, hysterical, even disastrous Valentine's Day ever, and post your comment here; we will read each and every one and make our selection at the close of this promotion. Remember, now, something uniquely memorable to you - this is what will inspire us to send you these sparklers in time to enjoy yourself, or give to someone you adore and admire to start their special Valentine's Day just right.

The giveaway begins February 3rd at midnight EST and will close promptly at midnight February 11th; this way I can pack up your winning earrings and ship them off to arrive by the 14th.

Oh, we almost forgot; we are going to offer you as well, a nice discount on all Laura Gibson jewelry via our website during this limited time giveaway for all purchases over $150.00. The discount code is good for 30% and all you need to do is enter the word "LOVE" (corny yes we know, we know) and your discount will be taken off at checkout.

OK, start sharing!


  1. for most of our married life, my husband and I had both worked crazy corporate jobs, racing back and forth to catch our 3 kids games, their heartbreaks, events etc and making sure that we took long family centered vacations. Despite an amazing nanny, there came a point when our family just couldn't take it anymore. My husband decided to leave his job as a corporate CFO and move into a part time role in the non profit sector and take over "running" the household and making meals, despite the fact that he couldn't cook a thing.
    Before the very first Valentines Day of this new "arrangement", he spent weeks reading cookbooks and trying recipes out while I was at work or traveling. On Valentine Day, I arrived home, champagne and truffles in hand to the most amazing French meal I've ever had- French onion soup complete with a baguette with melted gruyere, salmon in a sorrel sauce, potato galette... he'd spent days putting together the best present ever. 8 years have passed and there have been lots of Valentines days and gifts, but I'll never forget that special dinner.

  2. My story may resemble others but nevertheless on Valentine's Day, my boyfriend told me that he had a very busy schedule and that we couldn't keep our reservations at this cool restaurant I've been wanting to try. He told me that he would be very late and asked if I didn't mind cooking something for him and I said, I would. As usual, like a good kitchen chef, I turned on the oven while I prepared the roast and potatoes and the telephone rang. It was my mother and we talked for quite a bit when I smelled all the smoke coming from the kitchen. It was coming from the oven. When I opened the door more smoking came out so I just turned off the oven. I went back to the phone and told my mother what happened and she immediately gasped! I found out later on when my boyfriend came in the door and smelled all the smoke that he had placed flowers in the oven plus the beautiful sweater I was eyeing at the shopping mall during the Christmas season. It wasn't funny but we laughed it off.

  3. I know this might not count but it hasn't happened yet! My husband and I have been married for 15 years and I can remember it like it was yesterday... NO, NOT THE WEDDING but his mother saying, "I give it a year, tops 5 years". I chuckled mainly because, what do you say to someone who just put a TICKING TIME BOMB on your marriage? LOL! Anyway, we had what looked like a picture perfect wedding, beautiful dress, bridesmaids in the most beautiful deep scarlet off the shoulder dress and the groomsmen in black tux looking so handsome. We had (still to this day) the BEST wedding cake anyone has ever tasted (bottom tier Strawberry Grand Marnier, Middle Tier Chocolate Chambord, and top tier was Carrot Cake) and although it sounds like a bit much each flavor was soooo good! Each of our 250 guests including my husband (to date) would never know that secretly all I could hear as I walked down the aisle, as I kissed my husband for the first time as his wife, as we set off 12 doves as a sign of peace and togetherness of our families joining together and through all the wedding glass tapping to make us kiss about 150 times... was "I give it a year, tops 5". Why would she have said this... could it be true? For the first year of our marriage I waited for it to fall apart then the second came (had our first baby) and then the third...every year I worried WAS THIS THE ONE THAT HE WOULD SAY IT'S OVER! The fourth year of our marriage was crazy because I knew that the impending 5th year was almost here. I started to question why he was still with me and to put it lightly...felt a little crazy and was making the most wonderful man in the world question why he was with me too. On Valentines day (coming up on our 5th year of marriage) I decide to not only say it but mean it... Let go and Let GOD (sorry to those who may not believe as I don't mean to offend) but I just needed to finally say it out loud before the words that rang in my head for the past 4 years actually came true! So I said it! I said it really loud!!! "MY HUSBAND'S MOTHER IS CRAZY!!!!!" (I immediately start laughing) and then Screamed with all my might.."AND SHE WAS WRONG!!!" I didn't exactly tell my husband what had been driving me nuts since our wedding day and that earlier that day I had screamed in public that his mother was crazy and wrong but I did say "Let's start over, if you want... I am sorry for every price you paid for a debt you didn't owe and I promise that you won't have to pay anymore". Now... right here it would be nice is I said we embrassed and he told me how much he loved me...but what really happened is, he got this strange look on his face and said... are you feeling ok? and just said it will all be fine. Later that month I was feeling sick and went to the doctor's to make sure I was ok and he walked in the room and said "ahhh.... a Valentines Baby" and I said "No Doctor Anderson, I was born on February 22nd not the 14th" and he said... "I don't mean you, I mean you are pregnant and from the looks of got pregnant on Valentines day". Well, the rest is history and we had our 2nd child later that year and it has been just a wonderful life with my 2 kids and husband. Don't get me wrong... we have had the normal ups and downs but everytime I started to feel like I was worring about the one sentence... I would think... remember... she is crazy and wrong! hahaha It always seemed to work. Now most would think that us starting over again and me getting pregnant on Valentine Day would be what I was trying to get to ... but remember... I said it hasn't happened yet!!! This Valentines Day eve I am planning on proposing marriage to my husband! He isn't really the super romantic type but... I'm hoping he says Yes!!! I really feel like I missed out on the whole overjoyed feeling of getting married! I want to make this Valentines the MOST memorable one EVER!!! Wish me luck everyone!!!

  4. My most memorable valentines was when I was pregnant with my first child I was due in 1 week and really sick. My husband had planned for us to go out but I was too sick, So I slept most of the day and I woke up he had quietly brought in 3 dozen roses and had bought a large teddy bear and had made the room really pretty. I still can not get over how he did that so quietly and did not wake me he made me homemade soup and gave me a foot rub. It has been 17 years and he still surprises me and makes me feel like I am a princess. I thank God I found him and can not imagine being without my best friend.

  5. Thanks for the heads-up on the blog feature! I went and checked it out!! Super excited!! Eeek!
    Love Hazel and Harlow!

    BTW, LOVE your jewelry! And, may I say, NO ONE wears a suit or swaggers like Cary Grant. That voice that charm, that ease, that cool sophistication. He's today's George Clooney but a little less cocky.

    I grew up watching his movies with my mom. I heart him. "The Philadelphia Story" is my Fav! I LOVE all his movies with Katherine Hepburn, "Holiday" and "Monkey Business"(I think its monkey business). They did about 4/5 movies together. I also like him in "Arsenic and Old Lace" or something-its a bit of a scary/thriller one. An "Affair to Remeber" is a classic-love Sleepless in Seattle too, which really plays that up! Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan are today's Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn-they have tons of movies together.

    Thanks again! Hugs and Kisses! Enjoy the rest of your week!